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Recent Dumpee accepts her assignment to try tracking her thoughts and keeping a journal with far less reluctance than I had feared.


A week later she drops in to conversation: Anyway it turns out he just had conjunctivitis. So I wave her off into cyberspace, like a nervous parent packing off a child on the first day of school. One in five straight couples and three in five same-sex couples now meet online and there are sites available to cater for every preference — from the conventional Match.

Were I to have my time again, there is a wealth of uniformed, gluten-free, clown-based riches I could scarcely have dreamt of when I last dated.

Single straight women online said they wanted more time with their friends… [there are several chapters here explaining stats of online daters and profile outcomes…]. If a gent meets these basic requirements i. How did they go?

Ask a Therapist: “Is Online Dating Really The Only Way To Meet Someone?”

Date-osity, if you will. Surely my virtual voiceover of encouragement in your head is more complimentary than that! And then — it was. Page Scans — simply click on each page-set to open a new window with a high resolution readable image — or download an image PDF here: Did you like that?

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Online dating can be really challenging, especially if you have tried it before. Many people wish they could just find a genuine connection with a real person and get off the internet.

Here are a few options that can help you to meet people and make friends that do not involve answering 20 questions about your dating interests:. Geography — There is clear evidence that physical proximity is a HUGE factor in who we end up dating and marrying.

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Just being in the same physical location as someone ups your odds of connecting with them. Go to places where you can be near other people and look OPEN to having a conversation. Take your earbuds out, smile, and make eye contact. Good spots to try this out are at a park dog parks are ideal, instant conversation topic!

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And it gets even more niche than that. You can find a partner based on your musical interests with Tastebuds , search for fellow vegetarians with VeggieDate , find someone who shares your interest in BDSM with FetLife , or even look for someone who shares your STD profile via Positive Singles , an anonymous dating site that matches people accordingly.

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If you're looking for casual dating or just want to hook up, Tinder is a viable option although people absolutely do find long-term relationships there. SKOUT is hookup-friendly because of its immediacy it lets you chat with people nearby , but that's not all they offer. More ubiquitous hookup apps like Grindr specifically for gay men and Adult Friend Finder are bread-and-butter hookup apps where there's no uncertainty about what people are there for.

The most important tip for successful dating and even successful hooking up is to be honest in your profile and your online interactions. There are two things about which you must absolutely tell the truth:. If you're dishonest, you might lure someone in, but eventually that person is going to find out what you really look like, how you really spend your time, and what you really want from a partner.

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Telling the truth about these things up front will save you and the people you interact with a lot of time and heartache down the line. Many of these sites and apps let you search in specific ways—age range, type of relationship sought, location, level of education, hobbies, religion, etc. Some sites limit the search options to age and location and serve up potential matches, often learning from what you choose so your matches become more and more personalized over time.

With the sites that match you via criteria, however, the best approach is to pick three to five specifics that are important to you and use them to narrow your search.


Finding romance or even a good hookup can be difficult, even with digital assistance. Most of the people you meet are not going to be a great match. You just need to keep trying until the right person shows up. This belief is not true!