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Discounts only apply to certain coverages on the policy, and not to the overall rate. The discount, in general, applies to the liability portion of the policy, which makes sense since that rate represents the level of risk you present to the insurance company.

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The same rule applies to the increases in premiums. Another point to note is that if you opt out of the program more than 45 days after it was begun, Progressive may ding you with a surcharge on your policy. Snapshot enrollment must take place when you start a new policy with Progressive. Drivers can choose to enroll in the program or get a policy without it, but after you have already started your policy you cannot go back and add Snapshot.

As previously noted, Progressive does give you the opportunity to have a day trial of the program, after which you can decide to go ahead with the policy or take your business elsewhere. Again, we saw no indication that this is available to current policyholders. Theoretically, a current Progressive customer could choose not to renew their existing policy and opt to start a new one with the Snapshot program running. Only vehicles that are form or newer are eligible for Snapshot, either with the device or with the mobile app.

For most cars, installation is very easy. If you choose to use the mobile app, all you have to do is download it and install it on your phone. From there, the app will continue to run in the background as long as the phone is turned on, and you will not have to do anything more unless you need to pause or un-pause it.

Progressive offers a tool to help you find out where the port is on your car and how to plug it in. Progressive does not have the oldest usage-based program around, but they did revolutionize and popularize it, patenting technology that is used beyond their company today. They have several years on most of their competitors in terms of experience with usage-based systems. This means that it is not a risk-free program, and anyone considering it will need to be aware of this before moving forward.

That is not unusual, and most companies with a usage-based program wind up with similar results. This may well be coincidental — but it was mentioned enough times to be noteworthy. While the earned discount appeared on the policy, the base rate would increase to the point where the discount had no impact. As far as the program itself and how it works, Progressive seems on par with other systems and does offer both the mobile and device options, which is not the case everywhere. The beeping sound whenever the system detects a hard brake serves as a motivator to improve habits — many users report reducing the number of hard brakes recorded by the system over time due to the beeping of the device.

This seems to be an advantage to the device over the app. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they feel confident enough in their driving skills and habits to avoid that risk. For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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I am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it. I just opened my Progressive policy app not the Snapshot mobile and saw a new feature on the main page.

It says that it is my Snapshot information. There is an option for me to see details on each of my vehicles. When I click on this option it shows me that it has been tracking all of our vehicle usages on all three of our vehicles. It shows every trip, the duration, the time and date, and if there were any issues… Like a hard break. My main concern is that we have been with Progressive for over a year and we did the plugin Snapshot as new members.

We did not opt-in for the mobile snapshot, nor do any of us have the mobile snapshot app loaded on our phones. The only thing we each have is the main Progressive App, as it allows us to show our digital insurance card if we need it. How are they tracking us? Why are they tracking us? And should we not have been notified or given permission?

The tracking records go back to November the 15th. Has anyone else encountered this? I agree with almost all of the comments that I have read. Also, on one trip it tracked me going to my destination, but nothing coming back until I got to the RR crossing near my property. On each instance of recording my use of the phone while driving, I was in a parking lot and the car was stopped completely. When I asked a representative about it, he said: I can see why people are complaining about it.

And I can understand why people are quitting the program and looking for another insurance. If people read all of the negative comments and the majority are negative I can understand why they would not want to get Progressive insurance. I have wondered if the positive comments are planted to offset the majority of negative ones. It is a flawed program. I know people who got so sick of it that they simply unplugged the thing in their autos.

Progressive snapshot hook up. Progressive OBD-II port locator

I guess we all seem desperate to get something along the lines of a discount because rates are so flipping high these days. Companies should take note of this. Snapshot is a scam, plain and simple. There are plenty of ways to avoid hard breaking. That will wake you up from the apparent Shangri-La area of the US that you live in. I used to be tracked in my work van throughout Houston,TX and they tracked all the same metrics.

Hard braking IS avoidable if you leave a cushion and actually pay attention to the road. Anyone who says it does not need to get into some driving courses and learn some fundamentals to teach their family and children as well. I got hard breaks at three specific lights every once in a while. I never got hard breaks anywhere else. I theorized that I just put it over the limit slightly every time.

Then they extended a road through a local neighborhood with a lower speed limit and less traffic! The hard brake test is flawed! We have two cars and often ride together. When we ride together, one of us will later edit the phone app to show we were a passenger depending on what vehicle we are using. We get some hard brake registers and they do not involve hard braking. Since the app runs on our phones and we are often in the same vehicle, one would expect the same data to be displayed.

The app does affect my driving but probably in a positive manner. I slow for intersections and lights well in advance now which is not the worst thing. We have one car that probably was being driven miles a month and the other miles. We were with Travelers but they bumped up the policy cost a couple hundred so we tried Progressive with Snapshot to keep it about where it was. For two cars we are paying about a grand every six months. I came back to Progressive with Snapshot again. I live in the Panhandle of FL so I speak from local experience. I got a continuance B plus rating.

Very few events until the last few weeks of the program which ended a month early. This program left me with PTSD. It gave me no discount with a B plus rating and just left me with the stress of the past 6 months. I have a similar experience with Snapshot. I have been using this for about 3 months now. A couple of times, I had to lean towards the right lane not to have a hard brake as well as not to have an accident.

It is impossible not to have a hard brake. I called them to let them know that when I am on call I have to drive at night to go to the hospital and it counts as careless driving. I wish I would have never applied for this. Now I cannot quit I have to wait at the end of policy.. I became obsessed with this it made me obsessive I am sure they will increase my premium 25 percent and probably give me 5 percent discount for this s..

My wife and I have not had any accidents in 20 years so we are not careless or inexperienced drivers. The progressive Snapshot program is a scam and it is also unsafe. That deceleration rate is set too high. In my part of the country, we have many four-lane roads with short 25 feet long exit lanes or no exit lanes at all.

The speed limit is usually 55 miles per hour. The same applies to stoplights. I always leave a space of several car lengths between my car and the car in front of me. It is just a scam to raise rates. It is impossible to drive safely and not have hard brakes by their standards. Progressive is very friendly with you when you are thinking of becoming a customer but once you have their insurance they are just rude and not helpful. Absolutely agree with this. Ever thought of that? I agree I live in Denver as well. I keep a safe driving distance between me and the car in front of me, but there are things and incidents that cause you to have to break suddenly.

I get dinged for hard brakes mainly during the morning rush hour but people merge without turn signals and also people in front of you hard brake as well. The other day a guy turned left from the middle lane on Broadway and the turning lane and my lane had to brake quickly or we would have hit that guy. I feel progressive should at least allow some explanation for incidents. I am currently doing the Snapshot program for the 2nd time.

Personally, I think that if it is beeping at you regularly for braking too hard then you are either following the person in front of you much too closely, or you are going over the speed limit when the light turns yellow. In the 5 months we had the device we had a total of 10 hard brakings and our rate still climbed by 48 dollars. Their rate increase will offset the gain. When you are in a big city that has stoplights spaced evenly every mile with an effective speed limit of 55mph and very short yellow lights, many times you have to choose between running a red or getting knocked for a hard brake which is inadequately defined.

I live in the Dallas, Texas area and it seems like everyone drives like they are running 15 minutes late for work. Or increase your space cushion. Some of you people really need to get into a driving program. I used to work for a company that tracked all of these metrics in our work vehicles. Pay attention 15 seconds down the road.

Teach yourself and stop making excuses. Good for you Justin, your one in a thousand! If ninety percent of these post are negative, you are an exception. Progressive snapshot is set to make almost any brake a hard brake. Anytime you come to a complete stop without slowing down for 20 secs at 1 mile a sec you are going to get a hard brake.

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Just got through 5 months of the device in both cars. Wife and I never drive after 8 p. Hard braking is registered every time you just slightly have to stop fast for a red light or when some idiot pulls in front of you. We had very few hard brakings and thought we would save money. When I called Progressive they gave me some story about losing a signing online discount. I am looking for another company. I am often tempted to blow through yellow lights to avoid the damn beep. I have had drivers ride up my bumper, and flip me off, for driving too slow since I installed this evil device.

It encourages dangerous driving habits. I will change insurance when it is time to renew if they raise my rates. Yep, I had the same experience. My wife was soooooo glad when we finally got to send the stupid things back!!!! I rented a car from Progressive. They had the snapshot without my knowledge or agreeing to it being there! Please someone help need a good lawyer.

And I was going to make the mistake of signing up for Snapshot. Just glad I read it all before jumping in. Thanks for taking the time to post about your experiences. Cliff, for those that comment claiming to have saved with Snapshot, I really want to know what they supposedly did to accomplish that. In some cases, I was only going mph when I came to a gradual stop and it beeped anyway. I have no way to prove it but I really think my device was giving false positives. In conclusion, I would NEVER recommend Progressive Snapshot unless maybe you have a vehicle that you only drive around your driveway once a week or month at 6 mph or less to keep your battery up.

I managed to get those percents being 23 years old. Even working 3rd shift I still get those numbers. I usually never have issues stopping for yellows. I have been rear-ended before stopping for a yellow. Even in congestion or bad weather if people get mad behind you F em. Some things you cant control it is what it is. I drive 2 cities away for work 5 days a week plus a town away for my second job one day a week. I was also driving up to Vancouver to visit my sick niece almost every weekend and that was 2 hours away.

Plus my daughter plays volleyball in tournaments a couple hours away on weekends. You would think with all those miles that I drive would save me money as I had hardly hard stops and fast starts. They raised my insurance and I even got in touch with the CEO. I canceled and went to Geico!

I guess I was just looking for an honest and fair answer to insurance rates, having my rates doubled by the Hartford Co. Because of no-fault coverage, I was told I would have been better off if I had been at fault. Therefore three years on my accident record. Progressive seemed to be somewhat of an answer with their rates, and the potential discount for joining the Snap Shot program. I wish now that I had taken the time to read the comments before I jumped in. I do not know how it will totally affect my new rates at this time.

What I do know is that you are penalized for trying to drive safely, i. The gas mileage is not as good and the idling is not as smooth. I think that I should be prepared for what my premium will be, and any action that I will need to take at that time. Well, I just finished my 5-month participation in Snapshot. I drive about miles a week for work, etc. My wife does not work and only puts about miles a week on hers.

Sometimes she would go a whole week without driving. I decided to do a chat with one of the representatives online and explained to them that I had done research online looking at Snapshot reviews. Most of them were negative with most saying that any discount that they got was gobbled up by rate increases. The advantage of the app is that it puts all the info on your driving habits at your fingertips. You can review your recent trips to see specific details of what the app is tracking, such as the places where you had a hard brake or accelerated too quickly.

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  8. The disadvantages of the app: Can Snapshot actually save you money? That depends on a few factors: That initial signup discount goes away once your policy comes up for renewal, to be replaced by a discount based on your driving habits.

    Progressive Snapshot Guide

    If you live in a state that permits insurance companies to penalize you for bad driving, your rates may go up. About 2 out of 10 drivers see an increase after participating in Snapshot. How do I install the device? Every device comes with instructions and pictures to help you. Complete instructions come with the device. How do I know the device is working? After starting your car, simply look for a blinking light on the device. What type of driving reports can I view? Is the device compatible with my car?

    Progressive Snapshot Review

    The device is compatible with most cars model year or newer. Make sure you save the box. Alabama customers are an exception to that rule. What happens if the device is unplugged? To get the proper discount, the device should never be unplugged. If the device is not transmitting data due to being unplugged, you may risk losing your potential discount.

    how to trick the progressive snapshot and get the maximum discount

    If the device is accidently unplugged, Progressive will notice the data transmissions have stopped and will send you an email notice. You can go to your Snapshot page on www. What information is tracked? The Snapshot device monitors how, how much, and when you drive.

    See the terms and conditions included with the Snapshot package, also available online, for more information.

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    • This OBD Locator service is powered by.
    • How Progressive Snapshot Works.

    Does the device include GPS tracking? How can I improve my discount with Snapshot? Safe habits like these will improve your discount potential:.