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We are not your feel-good story. So many memes and news stories go around about non-disabled teens taking a disabled teen to prom. Kids go to prom! I used to feel like that, too. Just be yourself, disability and all. I've been dating since I was about I've been in one serious relationship it lasted about a year since I began dating. I am now single and got back into it after recovering from the breakup.

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A topic that comes up frequently is having to answer really strange questions about having a disability, like 'Can you have sex? I dated a guy with cerebral palsy for about a year. For some strange reason, I shied away from dating another person with a disability, as I thought it would be the only thing we would talk about. I was very wrong and it was one of the most fun and supportive relationships I'd ever been in. It's always something different in terms of reaction. I'm currently on Tinder.

I've met some great and not so great people on there. I used to not disclose my disability on dating profiles because I wanted to see the most honest reactions to my disability.

Have you dated someone with a disability?

Now, I fully disclose and it's taken a lot of the awkwardness out of the experience for me. It's been pretty good for the most part. Communication starts on day one with a person with disability. It shouldn't be a job interview. Just be aware that there may be things that are done in a different way, and that's totally cool.

Disabled people should be acknowledged as viable partners and people capable of relationships, if they want them. And take every stereotype you've ever heard about a woman with a disability and throw it away. At the end of the day, we're all just looking for a connection in some way, and that's just human. Fixed, the movie - fixedthemovie.

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  4. Wait staff asking my non-disabled date what I wanted for dinner — that killed the mood for sure. I also had one guy assume that my girlfriend was my daughter, I suspect in part because I was using my cane that day. For all of us. The most annoying part was the condescending attitudes of other people who felt it was their business to react, publicly, by saying things like, 'Isn't it great you found each other? Be open to learning what you don't know. Make sure the place you want to go to is accessible before asking somebody out.

    Relationships are complicated enough, and there is no need to make matters worse by showing up to a place with five flights of stairs or flashing lights for someone who has revealed to you that they have seizures. Don't automatically refuse to date another disabled person, just because that's what people expect you to do.

    By the same token, don't assume that simply because someone else is disabled that you'll be a good match either. What else do you have in common? Talking about lack of access can get boring very quickly. In my adult life, most of the issues that have emerged in my relationships have been more about who is doing the dishes than they've been about any kind of issue related to me having cerebral palsy.


    That is, I suspect, as it should be. Adam Bouska - bouska. Being a triple minority is HARD.

    But I have to believe someone will see in me something that sometimes I have a really hard time seeing in myself. In the meantime, you just gotta pull yourself up and keep going. My whole life, I felt like I was never going to be desired. No one ever sees a person in a wheelchair and lusts after them. Lying about these things will only hurt you in the end.

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    By knowing your genuine self and personality, you are more likely to find someone who is right for you. Happiness comes from within. Cerebral palsy and many other physical disabilities are noticeable no matter what you do. I felt frustrated when guys looked at me and saw my wheelchair instead of my figure. I also felt annoyed at my cerebral palsy because when I felt attracted to someone, my spasms would react to my emotions.

    But all of this came from my perspective and not theirs. And if I felt good about my appearance, people noticed that way before they noticed my wheelchair. I concentrated on my appearance and style. I also concentrated on having my own hobbies, friends, and life. Being busy and focused on goals are attractive qualities, but more importantly, they are great for your own self-esteem and worth.

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    When someone shows interest in you, it can be exciting, awesome, thrilling and happy. Let yourself feel all of these emotions. Keep in check how you feel as well. Trust me, there are many people out there who will love you for being you. Be as honest about your disability as you feel comfortable. But through dating experiences, I learned that the more they understood, they better could focus on who I was as a person and not just a disability.

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    Unfortunately, nothing can shelter you from heartbreak, disability or not. Of course it hurt my feelings. However, I picked myself up and moved forward.

    10 things to know before dating someone with a disability

    It might take time, even years, to find someone who fits you, but do not settle. Think of dating like a job interview. The more you go on, the better you are and the more you learn. We want to hear your story.