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Besides that the interface, the menus, and the whole lobby system itself is beautifully done but in a shooter it all really comes down to how crisp and balanced the gameplay itself is. GRO forces you to take things slowly. Ghost Recon Online follow suite with its Buy to Play counterparts, encouraging sneaking, camping, and teamwork. Currently the most played game mode is conquest. Just like in any other game with the game mode conquest, you will have several capture points on the map to battle over with your allies.

Since a lot of people camp, often lying in wait at a capture point for ten plus minutes, you will have to scout areas and force enemies out before having a chance to capture them. With the use of class skills like cloak or weapon jams you can try to force your enemy to fall back. One thing I learned quickly is that this game is absolutely not balanced at all, which makes it even harder in a way.

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It is obvious that when you buy weapons they improve your performance, but new pups are often forced into the playground of the big dogs due to population limitations, resulting in some devastating losses. Ghost Recon Online is a lot of fun. Once you have bit the bullet and climbed the learning curve, with days of battle hardening matches under your belt, you will start to find yourself actually impacting the outcome of matches. This felt tedious at times as I rarely got to experience match modes outside of conquest. A shooter needs fast queue quick matches like Team Deathmatch to draw in a decent population by capturing the casual crowd.

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Perhaps I ask too much out of a Ghost Recon game, especially since the game supports camping with its many different stances and weapon possibilities, but sometimes the game was just too slow overall. Today Ubisoft is boasting about the successful launch of Ghost Recon Phantoms in April with a new infographic. So I'm hoping it's just some current little hiccup with my game. Matchmaking is way slower than it used to be.

Probably because there's less players in this game now and the in game players on the servers are now split between the 4 world tiers as well as being split between underground and the main map. There is an issue with matchmaking in general, yeah.

Tom Clancy matchmaking TOO SLOW

At least as far as I have seen. I have been unable to find people. Well, no it finds people. But they never accept the invite. A few times, you could understand, sure. Others have mentioned other problems with it also. So I assure you, it is not just you. I wear this crown of thorns, upon my liar's chair. I've been having trouble finding four players for UG.

We'll get 3 and wait for a fourth, and if we somehow do find a fourth someone drops out. I had to just do it solo. Also had trouble matching for daily challenge the itsr day but came back an hour later and found a group.

Ok I'm just glad I'm not the only one with this problem. Kind of heart broken to want to get into this again and try it out to actually not be able to try it out lol.

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