Dating what does 420 friendly mean

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What Girls Said 9. She likes to smoke it upppppp.. What Guys Said 6. What the hell, they changed categories! Now my answer sounds retarded, lol! Means she smokes weed or does not care That u do. Brexit - where I think we may be Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? The phrase is also used for seeking out the best roommate scenario. Take this friendly musician, for example.

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Our hearts went out to him when we read his roommate search story: Unfortunately, I have one roommate that sucks balls and is starting to be a burden. Your roommate match is out there.

What does 420 friendly mean?

Another super-useful place for the friendly filter is in the wild west of dating apps. We signed on to OKCupid and went catfishing a little bit, just to see what the search results would yield. As it turns out, single friendly folks are not alone. There are 61 gents in the Denver area that identified themselves as friendly. Here are a few of our favorites: Aside from daters and roommaters, Airbnb guests and hosts are also using the friendly tag to match up.

People traveling to Denver are curious about our blossoming cannabis industry. No smoking in the house. Front porch for cigarettes or is fine. Just to clarify, friendly does not mean tobacco and cigarette friendly. In its weakest sense, it means tolerance and acceptance of those who do like to partake.

Intelligent but socially inept person.

Dating what does 420 friendly mean

Derogatory term for a Japanese person. A person who ruins the mood with their attitude. Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor. Scamming method used to get personal information. Fake object or person. Acknowledgement that a person is fit, sexy,hot.

Woman using a man for personal gain. Polyamory, loving more than one person at a time. Australian name for an English person. Person who sits on their porch, lazy person. Person who smokes WEED. Per Person, Per Week.

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Pompous or superior person. Light skinned colored person. Unsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA.



Person with multiple aliases on forums. Decoy, person in on a scam. Lazy, untidy, dirty person. Person who tells on someone. Person using a false identity. Offensive term for a Hispanic person.

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Person who is always studying. Person from Cardiff or Wales generally.

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  • Large person, heavily built. Person with a perfect body. Person of low intelligence, a fool. Person who always has a better story. The Person Above Me. Person who posts on Twitter.