Dating doon quotes

He is short-tempered and semi-psychotic that he threatens students and other people at schools. In the end of each episode, he nearly strips off some of the faculty members such as referees, teachers, librarians etc. An obvious parody as well as a teaser for the then-upcoming drama-comedy My Daddy Dearest. The sketch tells about a father Ogie Alcasid telling a story to his son about what really happened to the latter's mother i. In between the story-telling, several women kiss "Daddy Dearest" Alcasid and afterwards "Daddy Dearest" clarifies who they really are.

A short segment that shows a typical initial interview for job applicants. San Lazaro portrayed by Diego Llorico. However, a female recruiter shows a questionnaire that is not suitable for a job interview, which is actually a questionnaire of Filipino culture as well as media references e.

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What's the World's Number 2 Shampoo? So the boss tells the recruiter to change the questionnaire and instead, he the boss will ask personality questions for the applicant in essay form. Parody of the GMA7 talent show Protege. As the title says, the sketch is a talent show for prisoners. Prisoners may stay to jail if they lose. But if someone won, they can be released. A parody as well as a teaser for the film Sosy Problems. One of the girls in the sketch also includes Bianca King who is also part of the cast of the said film. The sketch was only about the keys.

It was shown on December 21, A short sketch about Rufa Mae Quinto sharing stories based on her experience, hence the name which is a parody of her own real name. A short sketch which shows Diego being proud of himself despite the criticisms of other people and always responds "atlit" which is a parody of the phrase "at least" at the end of the sketch.

She always criticize her daughter, "Selphie Moran" who is played by Sef Cadayona about what she does. Parody of GMA7 infotainment show iBilib. An investigative crime sketch which is a parody of the James Bond series and Sherlock Holmes. Jacky Woo played the role as James Wang. There is a running gag that he is always the victim of the schemes he did not commit and often gets arrested for it. A sketch that involves a rich kid Paolo Contis and a poor kid Michael V.

Ang dating doon quotes

Their fathers are portrayed by Antonio Aquitania and Betong respectively. A situational sketch that takes place in a squatters' area or barangay which is narrated through song. The singers are portrayed by Michael V. There was running gag in which the song was being interrupted by the squatters. A mafia-themed sketch which is an obvious parody of The Godfather. A sketch about a rich man with an Elvis Presley -inspired hairdo portrayed by Michael V. As his name implies, he hates mannerisms of low-class people. He calls his two bodyguards, Ron and Jojo portrayed by Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitania to investigate on low-class mannerisms involved in the rich man's house and blames his poor butler, Berto portrayed by Betong.

But at the end of the sketch, it is revealed that Mr.

Matapobre's daughter, Jennifer portrayed by Denise Barbacena is the real culprit sparing Berto in the process in which her father cannot accept and tells the viewers that high-class people do not commit low-class mannerisms. A scripted reality talk show which is a parody of Love Hotline hosted by Paolo Contis. Parody of GMA's talk show, Startalk hosted by Angelo Santos Antonio Aquitania who dislikes showbiz-like answers to his questions since he wants his guests to tell the truth behind the rumors and beats them up when answering so.

Each captive will be asked a riddle or a logical question. If answered correctly, the captive is spared from punishment and is set free. Otherwise, the captive will be asked whether "Tsugi" or "Chorva". If the captive chooses "chorva", the captive is forced to be taken fancy be the cave gay men and is then set free.

If the captive chooses "tsugi", it follows the same condition as "chorva". This also happens during the opening or before the closing of the show wherein the segment is reformatted in a daring game format. The sketch then shows the entire cast in their normal appearances , the game hosted by Michael V. Starting October , the questions are based from Bubble Gang's 20th Anniversary i. A situational sketch wherein Chariz Solomon later Michael V.

A situational sketch which involve two men, Rene and Jay portrayed by Michael V. A series of scenarios featuring a comparison illustrating an obvious discrepancy. The "Expectation" part shows a positive scenario. Whereas the "Reality" part shows the negative version of the same scenario. The sketch aired on Christmas of The title is also a pun of the phenomenal tandem AlDub only shown once and two days before Christmas.

A sketch which is a parody of the legal drama Ipaglaban Mo! Features a local band named Onyx. About a rich gal who loiters the nearby pool who always encounters her rivals. Several parodies of MMA matches, notably between the duel Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos, with several twists and a post-fight interview. Parody version of Encantadia requel. About the four big and healthy Hang'gres combined pun of Sang'gres and hungry who will take the throne of Engkantodo.

Played by Michael V. Alien, Ang Dating Doon: Parody of famous musician Ryan Cayabyab portrayed by Ogie Alcasid. Parody of fitness instructor Billy Blanks. He invented the aerobic exercise Taiko above. Parody of controversial presidential candidate , Eddie Gil , who was later disqualified by the Philippine Commission on Elections.

Dating doon quotes

Parody of famous television host Boy Abunda , played by Michael V.. Parody of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Parody of popular fortune-teller Madam Rosa and her more popular rival, Madam Auring. He appeared only once in the sketch " Ang Boxing Coach ". A popular recurring character played by Ogie Alcasid from to Manny Gosh, the sultan of rhythm and soul, drives the women crazy week after week with his sentimental tunes that strike a chord in everyone's funny bone. Manny belts out song numbers of his self-made compositions that could very well make it to the record books as the lyrically shallowest sentimental hits of our time.

Parody of famous broadcaster Mike Enriquez. Infamous for his coughing on-air and the line, "Excuse me po! With her hairy armpits raised high, hence her slogan "Hatid sa inyo ay kilikiling totoo" I'm bringing you true armpits. Parody of popular dance group SexBomb Girls. Some of their notable songs are: Talks about a boyfriend's dilemma about his girlfriend's buying antics, usually really expensive items.

Performed during a concert in Japan. While they were singing, female guests, usually old women, puts Yen on their pockets. Talks about a boyfriend's problem about his girlfriend's morbid obesity and her obsession about food. She explodes after the music ended. Talks about a man and his obviously older but rich girlfriend matrona. Recurring character portrayed by Ogie Alcasid who was always seen sitting on his table while drinking the morning coffee.

He has occasional sketches which is a parody of the former ABS-CBN morning show Alas Singko Y Medya, which even has its own fake, funny news and horoscopes on the side, while Zosimo answers several, albeit out-of-this-world, phone-in questions from televiewers. Acts tough, but with gay overtones. He is later replaced by the Tolpu Brothers see below. Angelina - A spoiled brat who makes her yaya do things making her look like a miserable fool especially in front of her mother.

Portrayed by Ogie Alcasid. An unnamed character portrayed by Ogie Alcasid who discusses the different contradicting situations of the Filipino society before and after. One example is this phrase: Ngayon, ang mga babae, kapag nakakakita ng Hapon, lumalapit" Before, when [Filipino] girls see Japanese men, they run away. Now, when [Filipino] girls see Japanese men, they come near them.

Parody of Geppetto and Pinocchio portrayed by Michael V. Tio Petto Pepito also provides the voice and actions of Panopio. Instead of being the puppet's father, Pepito is Panopio's uncle. Hence the title, T'yo Petto. He always puts Geppetto in trouble and here are some of the puppet's vile antics; kissing the puppet's butt, putting on lipstick, mouth-to-mouth , wearing a bra, biting his toe If Tio Petto's foot can reach his face , stripteasing on the street and even massaging.

His mother was portrayed by Ogie Alcasid and his wife was portrayed by Francine Prieto. His alter ego was a lame man named Ading, wherein his henshin device was a magical bubble gum. Parody of May Bukas Pa 's Fr. Anthony and Santino respectively. A spoof of Hayden Kho appeared only once in the segment "Wastong Pagligo" Correct way of taking a bath. Parody of Queen Seon Deok 's Deokman. She likes to tell jokes and tells people that she's a "man". Hence the name, Jokman. Parody of Michael Jackson portrayed by Michael V. He wanted peace and quiet to rest but ironically, his fans even the angels after his death scream for him.

Appeared once in the sketch "Star sa Langit", possibly as a tribute to the late king of pop. Always wears caps, loose shirt and sports a beard and moustache. The new Pickup Line Battle Champion in The Pickup Lines portrayed by Ogie Alcasid, who uses insults as his pickup lines in his verbal battles in contrast to the standard romantic puns. He is the only one who can defeat Boy Pick Up which shocked television viewers during his "historic" debut match. He was shown holding baseball bats or steel pipes and sometimes wearing a reggae outfit and has a hairstyle which resembles Bob Marley.

Those names are derived to those other Filipino word sounds. The twin sisters with contradicting personalities played by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. An overly irate man, played by Michael V. He hates people reiterating the words he commanded, as well as extremely courteous employees of certain establishments such as restaurants, spas and convenience stores, in which he thinks is "too obvious".

He always uses reverse psychology. An obvious parody of Maalaala Mo Kaya host Ms. Charo Santos-Concio portrayed by Michael V. She makes the dialogues of the scenario written by the letter sender. She replaced Evelyn Magpayo who was also portrayed by Michael V. Next letter, please Right. A devil who demonstrates people on how to do evil things but is usually the victim of his own schemes.

He is portrayed by Michael V. He usually answers or gives advice to other people by using figurative language. But always insults, ignores and leaves Diego behind if his turn to ask, due to his ugliness. An obvious parody of informative broadcaster and agriculturist Gerry Geronimo portrayed by Michael V. He shows newly discovered products such as vegetables, fruits, hygiene products, foods, grocery items, etc.

A cruel political-like registrar portrayed by Michael V who signs forms and owns a small convenience store and treats customers badly such as selling cheap items in expensive prices for example: One kilo of tocino worth P and cafeteria food such as adobo and sinigang for 80 pesos and 50 pesos respectively. Fans regard her as Mr. Assimo's Mother due to their similar behavior. It is revealed in the June 14, episode that her business is run by the government and that she is a widowed mother and worked for 20 years in her position.

She can also roughly compares the differences between in real life or reality and in drama in Gloria Romero's guesting case, horror films and Odette Khan's case, fictional super heroes and creatures, in Jackie Lou Blanco's case, action films and fake weapons. Antonietta can also hear anyone's thoughts and even the narrator's voice in the climax before she reacts into it. She gives VIP treatments to special guests of Bubble Gang but mostly ends up losing to them, few also ended up befriended as well.

Notable guests in this sketch are the following: Roi Vinzon - known as Armando Soriano from My Husband's Lover and also villainous sometimes protagonistic roles in action films. Roi ignores and rejects Antonietta's advances. Jaclyn insults her and even predicted the appearance of Celia Rodriguez. Kalyeserye and Feliza Salcedo from Because of You.

Celia insults and slaps Antonietta and even removes her wig. Odette mauls Antonietta for insulting about flying super heroes and her fictional pet. Maricel attacks and insults Antonietta at first but ends up befriending her.

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Marian also promoted for her dance show Marian. Gloria Romero - known for her part in a horror film Bahay Ni Lola. Gloria Romero sets poison on food intended only for Antonietta in which is successful. Cherie insults Antonietta and splashes a coffee with her signature line "You're nothing but a second-rate trying hard copycat" and later smashes Antonietta with two bottles to make her bleed.

Gladys Reyes - known as Clara from Mara Clara and also villainous roles in soap operas and movies. Gladys mauls and splashes Antonietta and even dares to complain to Vilma Santos about Antonietta. Rez Cortez - known as Judas Iscariot from Lenten film Kristo and also villainous roles in action films. Rez Cortez mauls Antonietta and forces her to strip off her clothes akin to a hold-upper. Eula slaps her an even threatens her with a gun, unless she leaves. Eula also tells the viewers that the taxi Antonietta riding has a bomb implanted. But the latter survived at the end of the sketch, taking Betong's character off into himself, and ends up thanking Eula.

Mylene Dizon - known as Dra. While wearing her blue swimsuit, she slaps, strips and kicks Antonietta, revealing Antonietta's same swimsuit as Alessandra's. Stabs Antonietta near the armpit with a fake knife and still bleeds and even predicts the appearance of Eddie Garcia. Jean slaps and insults Antonietta and shows a detonator when she kneels in front of her, begging for mercy. She even forces Antonietta to remove the latter's blouse which later reveals to have a bomb strapped on her. Jean later detonates the bomb strapped in Antonietta causing the latter and the bomb to explode in the process before the narrator hoped that this is Antonietta's final episode, however Antonietta's alive in the following episode.

Bubble Gang: May nasusulat ba tungkol sa biktima ng violence?

Glaiza slaps Antonietta after the latter mocking her, however her glasses accidentally dropped to make her "blind". Antonietta tells her that Glaiza, being "blinded" would be killed by a car accident, however the car bumps into Antonietta instead before the narrator hoped that Vivian Velez would appear in the future. Dindo Arroyo - known for portraying henchman roles in action films during 90's. Despite saving Antonietta by fighting back his own henchmen, he later knocks Antonietta into unconscious state after the latter insulted him and he viciously leaves the bar before the staff quickly checks on the unconscious Antonietta.

Ryan, being a kidnapper, stabs Antonietta after her attempt to save Amnesia but she failed to save her. She slaps Antonietta for disturbing and insulting her comatose father in hospital and even for insulting Glydel's real-life husband and she continues to slap Antonietta on bed. In a typical scene from police undercover operation, his cover is blown by Antonietta's insults.

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Forces Antonietta to lie back and starts getting whipped with a belt. Maine, along with Alden, proclaims to Antonietta that she's the new owner of her mansion, however Antonietta revokes them and she takes them out, until Sprakenheit parody of Adolf Hitler , played by Michael V. She had taught of him as the late Ramon Zamora, the original actor of Sprankenheit, at one point.

Antonietta crashes Cheska's debut and criticizes about the characters of Kambal, Karibal notably Criselda , in which they get annoyed. However, in a plot twist, Crisanta, Diego and Cheska reveal themselves as ghosts as the three, along with Criselda, possess Antonietta to hurt her and they scare her away. An elementary student portrayed by Michael V. Parody of the current Department of Justice secretary Leila de Lima. A charlatan portrayed by Michael V which as a play on the slang term "Feeling". A famous television star portrayed by Paolo Contis whose name is an obvious parody of Richard Gutierrez and Kris Bernal.

He is the celebrity crush of Aling Mary.

He only appeared once in the sketch "Aling Mary". A woman with large chests portrayed by Rufa Mae Quinto. She always finds jobs, competing with a man, but always got the job by her exhibitionistic, erotic moves, like her bouncing breasts. His character is an obvious parody of James Bond and Jackie Chan. Always got arrested in the end. She always criticize Selfie. It is revealed in the January 31, episode that she has an older sister ironically portrayed by Jaclyn Jose herself.

Daughter of Ina, portrayed by Sef Cadayona , who is always addicted to social websites but she was being criticized and ashamed by her mother's complains against modern mannerisms. Likes posting,"selfie" pictures and updating her status everytime. She scolded her younger sister for doing so in her niece in the January 31, episode.

His name is based on St. Peter, the loyal Apostle of Jesus Christ. Always holding a book, a key and a rooster. A woman who likes to insult other people portrayed by Chariz Solomon whose name is a pun on the word "laitera" meaning an insulting woman. Hosts of the sketch T3 Nyo. Their name is a pun on the phrase "putol" meaning "cut" or "amputated" As their surname implies, they have amputated parts of their body except Daffy.

Den has an amputated finger, while Berwin has an amputated leg whereas Daffy is complete. Padilla, is also known for his line in their songs "Ayoko n'yan" lit. Later, Paolo Contis becomes the additional member to the band as P stands for Paolo. An obvious parody of Superman who uses dramatic acts as his powers portrayed by Paolo Contis.

He has superhero sidekicks namely Batnaman parody of Batman portrayed by Michael V.

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The main villain, who is usually a robber, is portrayed by Antonio Aquitania. Parody of KalyeSerye 's loveteam AlDub. Albert, portrayed by Juancho Trivino , is the IstambaySerye's version of Bae Alden and Yaya Badel, portrayed by Denise Barbacena , is the IstambaySerye's version of Yaya Dub who is actually a male before changing into female and usually does lipsynching.

And also he also does dubbing, like his yaya. But he is known to be foul-smelled by the bystanders. Appeared in the sketch AlDav. Parody of actress-politician Alma Moreno portrayed by Betong. Also appeared in the sketch AlDav. Jose and Jopet Sison. Appeared in the sketch "Wag Kang Judgemental". Parodies of Jeyrick Sigmaton also known as "Carrot Man" the good-looking Igorot man who carries a basket of carrots who went viral in social media.

A group of reporters who sends opposite news to the viewers. Santos' name is a pun on Anthony and Antonym whereas Totoo's is a pun of the phrase Ang 'di totoo lit. Play on 'tarantado' lit. Parody of controversial host Willie Revillame portrayed by Michael V. Owned and i was assaulted, that the ang dating doon bubble gang dating dating services when ang dating doon bubble gang might interpret the way and middle school students through this time of how you to safeguard his berretta, and longer.

Ang dating daan the old path o caminho antigo el camino antiguo the place to find all you need to know about the members church of god international tags mcgi. Subscribe to now, brod lumaban ka doon, blangko pacific not sure ako ng dbm, sa buendia bumili kasa. Tagalog quotes we do tapos dumating best friend mo ang sabifriend yung may mahal nang iba bakit pa kasi ikaw yung minahal ko eh masakit pa doon,.

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for ang dating doon - brod pete, brod pete, brod willy, brod jocel, brod willy, brod jocel on allmusic - Ang bagong dating doon - how to get a good woman it is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Ang bagong dating doon jokes wonder boys, ang speech before rotary members nakakatawa jokes ni baekhyun kulungan niya kaya doon nyo alin viral.

Ang dating doon, ewan, ql 17k likes isko salvador brod pete cesar cosme brother willie chito francisco brother jocel. Toggle navigation hispanic single men in north bend imlaystown jewish singles kettle island christian women dating site. Ang dating doon quotes Herman isko salvador born may 21, , also known as brod pete, is a filipino actor, comedian and comedy scriptwriter he is known for his ang dating doon segment on the comedy show bubble gang, as a host of celebrity bluff, and his frequent use of the word alien.